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About Us

We are a growing school.

Our school has been built to hold 575 students and we anticipate we will reach this number within our first 3 years. We will always give priority to the educational needs of the students when making decisions about the organisation and structure of our learning community groups.


Supported inclusion school


Barrawang Primary School is part of the Supported Inclusion Schools initiative. This means that the school will provide inclusive education for a significant cohort of students with an intellectual disability within a mainstream school setting.


Barrawang Primary supports the principle that every student is able to attend their designated neighbourhood government school. As a Supported Inclusion School, we will provide a safe, accessible and inclusive environment for every student who enrols.


Our school has been designed and purpose built to be inclusive. This means that the buildings are designed following Universal Design Principles, so that there are no physical barriers to a student with a physical or intellectual ability to attend the school.


Barrawang Primary School supports all students through:


  • Providing reasonable adjustments for all students

  • Student Support Groups

  • Individual Education Plans

  • Working with families of all children

  • Inclusive Educational Environment

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Our Philosophy


Barrawang Primary School’s vision is to ensure that our students are at the centre of everything that we do. Together we create a learning community that values diversity, inclusion and high expectations for all students.


Barrawang Primary School's mission is to provide all students with high quality learning experiences that challenge and support them to REACH their full potential.



REACH for the stars

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Our values

Our values

The Meaning of our Logo

The 4 circles represent the groups in our lives that help us achieve.

  • The first circle is the boldest, this is the child’s home support network

  • The white circle represents our staff

  • The dark green circle represents their peers

  • And the final circle is us all coming together, forming a strong sense of community and pride

The 5 pointed star represents our 5 school values.

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Our Team

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Our Facilities

Our School is extremely fortunate to have state of the art learning facilities which include; 

  • An administration building with a library, staff offices and amenities as well as specialist teaching areas for science and food technology

  • Two learning neighbourhood buildings with general purpose classrooms, and flexible and collaborative teaching spaces

  • Brand new portables 

  • A community hub building with a competition-grade gymnasium, canteen, music and drama space

  • Two outdoor hard courts

  • A sports field


Our school has impeccable facilities. Our learning spaces provide flexible options for our students and teachers to learn and work in every day. We have flexible furniture and seating options allowing for many configurations and spaces to be created and providing our students with the choice of working at a stand-up desk, sitting at a table with a chair or using a wobble stool or cushion to provide some movement while working.


Physical Education classes can happen rain, hail or shine in our competition grade gym.

Our Creative Arts space allows for an integrated approach to the ART’s curriculum with excellent spaces for performances.

Our STEM, Food Tech, Visual Arts and Library areas are all located in our state-of-the-art administration building.


Our outdoor spaces are vast and provide a range of activities for the students to engage in at break times including two full size outdoor basketball courts, a grassed sports ground, two playgrounds protected by shade sails, a sandpit and shaded picnic areas.

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